Brique bracelet, Pavéd, Narrow Model

18K Yellow Gold, Diamonds



Pavéd Diamond Brique Bracelet, 18K Yellow Gold (750/1000). Width 3.54mm (for size 18). Diamond color D/E/F. Our intricate Paved Diamond Brique Bracelet brings together boldness, elegance and one-of-a-kind craftsmanship. The individual bricks are at the heart of these designs, each carefully shaped with six diamonds along the front and a solid 18K yellow gold backing. Each of our paved bracelets seamlessly lines up when stacked together, and creates a statement of its own whilst paying homage to the artistry and dedication behind timeless accessories. To choose your most desired size and fit, follow our sizing guide in the chart below. Please note that the carat weight, number of stones and product dimensions will vary based on the size of the creation you order. For detailed information please contact us.

When booking your creation please allow up to 6 weeks to create your piece before shipping.

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